Monday, January 14, 2019

Mass Burial: Immortal, At the Heart of Winter

Considered by many to be Immortal’s finest work, for some reason, At the Heart of Winter is an album that nevertheless signals a fairly large shift in the Immortal trajectory, trading the short and sharp Black metal attacks for longer and more plodding fare. That adjective choice is not intended to be a slight or signal of disapproval; it just so happens to be accurate. I have personally always fought the notion that this record is an outlier in the catalog, or the “different one,” as future Immortal records will lean heavily on things learned from At the Heart of Winter, but it certainly is the one album that marks a transitional stage in the band.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Star Wars: Black Series Battle Damaged Captain Phasma (The Last Jedi)

 When Toys R Us closed, the status of multiple store exclusive figures was tossed into chaos. Almost all of them would be picked up by other venues, and some of them just ended up at online sources. Black Series Toys R Us exclusives were rescued by the Disney Store, and so were not missed. The second of three, this battle damaged Captain Phasma depicts neo-Boba Fett as she appears in her final scene in The Last Jedi, where she again is imperiled and for the time being presumed dead, because unless a filler comic miniseries is coming from Marvel to smooth over this one, it’s hard to see how she’s going to escape an exploding Star Destroyer and return for Episode IX.

But we all know that she will.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Star Wars: The Black Series Dengar

 One of the bounty hunters that stands around as Vader talks about not disintegrating the crew of the Millennium Falcon, Dengar is one of those figures that wound up in my collection somehow, and now, on the eve of the release of the first wave of Archive figures, containing Boba Fett, Bossk, and IG-88, ended up being totally necessary to have, as the Empire bounty hunter team is about to be complete. Or, is complete, if you’d been buying them since the beginning.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Warbotron: Warbotron

Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to the hopes that 2019 will be a good, healthy, stable year for all of us. Let’s start the Coffin’s New Year with a real challenging question, that being what the combined mode of the Warbotron Combaticons is called? We’re going to go with “Warbotron,” as it sounds good and sensible, but really, you could most likely call this monstrosity anything you like.

And I meant ‘monstrosity’ in a good way.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mass Burial: Immortal, Blizzard Beasts

Blizzard Beasts is another somewhat strange entry in the Immortal discography. The follow up to Battles in the North, Blizzard Beasts is an almost identical listening experience that cleans up that maddening issue its predecessor had with just cutting songs off after three minutes. That adds a whole lot to Blizzard Beasts in terms of listenability, but the album suffers from a different issue.

Marvel Legends: Silver Surfer

Let me tell you a story: once, not that many years ago, there was a young girl who would play with her cousins. One of her cousins had action figures of Spider-man and the Silver Surfer; this little girl always wanted to play with the Silver Surfer, but found perpetual denial, constantly being forced to play with Spider-man instead.

Some years later, Legends Silver Surfer would be released as a Walgreens exclusive, most likely the fairy godmother equivalent in this story, as that very phrase, “Walgreens exclusive,” is still so odd to hear. A man would purchase this Surfer for that young girl, now all grown up, in a gesture so romantic an entire group text worth of friends cheered it, only to have the woman not be that impressed by the figure that was now hers after all those years of wanting. Fortunately for her, she is married to the guy who runs Child Sized Coffin, so nothing went to waste.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Grave Considerations: Does Size Really Matter?

A few days ago I tried to get my thoughts together on this, and failed, producing a rambling and strange thinkpiece on why I keep this blog. In pursuit of a do-over, here’s what I was actually wanting to talk about: the future of my Third Party collecting, in terms of scale.

It seems that the era of 3P figures being essentially Voyager or Masterpiece scaled toys is reaching its end, to be replaced with figures that will either come in the Legends scale (like Iron Factory and DX9 figures) or continue in the Masterpiece scale (which has essentially come to mean Voyager, but there’s a twist). There are issues for me with both of these directions. If the scene goes Legends scaled, it would mean that I’d to some extent be starting my collecting all over again, as the Coffin shelves are very light on figures of that size. If the scene were to go full Masterpiece scale, that would present an issue when it comes to one of my favorite things about Transformers: combiner teams.